Saturday, May 08, 2010

La niche

We asked the contractors to put a little niche into one of the walls. And they did. I'm very happy that this potentially lost space will not be lost after all. It could become a bookshelf or a place for objets d'art. We shall see.

The niche is in. That's a closet opening on the lower right.

The taping and mudding is proceeding at at lively pace. And the guys have taken the wallpaper down in the stairwell. That part is really cool. I've been dreaming of the day that we could be rid of that wallpaper, but the fact that it was in a two-story stairwell made doing it ourselves very problematic. Now it's gone. Wow.


  1. I bet that wallpaper will be right back in fashion the minute you rip the last bit off !! Then you'll spend the next five years deciding what paper to put on the ceiling again !!

  2. Usually, niches are for dogs, but this one could very well be a niche for a cat. I have Bertie in mind, of course! From up there he could survey the whole room.

  3. You lucked out on the wallpaper removal.

  4. Oh! Yes! Bertie could have a nice little cushion in there :)

    Or... you could display a platter of crottes, if your neighbor would be so kind as to provide you with another one ;-0

    You got the worker guys to take off the wallpaper?

  5. I also like the idea of the niche. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  6. I could send over a painting of myself if you'd like

  7. jean, gawd, I hope not!

    chm, interesting idea...

    nadege, it only took 7 years.

    judy, yes, that was part of the job we asked them to do. Just the part in the stairwell that we can't reach.

    starman, we'll keep you posted!

    alewis, oh, that would be perfect!

  8. I am all in favor getting someone else to do the dirty work...


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