Friday, May 21, 2010

Fraises des bois

We're in strawberry season right now. There are several varieties of locally grown berries in the markets these days and the prices are coming down as the season goes on. But one variety that we're not likely to see there are the tiny fraises des bois (wild or woodland strawberries).

Les fraises des bois are blossoming right now!

We have some growing in our back yard, but they're in the lawn and usually get mowed down before they can produce berries. There is a small patch of them outside of the mower's path, but it's not enough for anything but a small taste now and then.

Fraises des bois are plentiful out on the edges of the vineyard where the woods begin. Which makes sense given their name. Those berries will most often be eaten by the wildlife before any humans can get to them.


  1. You produce the most astoundingly terrific & beautiful photographs. I am in awe.

    Your site is a favorite daily dose of the Loire Valley. I look forward to having a glass of wine with you & your mister someday.

  2. You didn't mention their taste.

  3. stephen, thanks! Drop by any time!

    starman, they taste pretty much like strawberries, but very tiny ones. ;)

    jean, merci!


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