Thursday, May 20, 2010

Curly cue

Just another plant picture from out in the vineyard. I don't know what kind of plant this is, but I know it's not a grape vine. They've not yet reached the curly cue stage.

Something curly nestled in the tall grass.

I'm still waiting for our ditch to be filled in. The mayor said it would happen this week. That leaves today and Friday, so we shall see. In France, patience is a virtue, and since we've been waiting for almost a year, a little more time won't hurt. But it would be nice if it happened during spring so that the grass can grow over it before winter. Hope springs eternal.

We got the house cleaned up a little bit on Wednesday as we were having some visitors for drinks before going out to dinner. Of course there's still a lot of dust and a lot of stuff is out of place due to the attic work. Speaking of which, the electrical and heating work got finished on Monday and Tuesday, but the general construction guys have not shown up this week. They could be waiting for materials (we're expecting closet doors and the floorboards) or working on another job. We don't know.

But I can tell you we're itching for them to get it done so we can begin the finishing and painting process.

And, by the way, while I was eating my steak tartare at a restaurant last night, the woman who prepared it for me came by and asked if it was cooked to my preference. Ha!


  1. The first time we saw steak tartare being prepared in a restaurant for the people at the next table, we were, as we say over here, gobsmacked. How could anyone eat such stuff ??!!

    We still haven't plucked up the courage to give it a try.

  2. So... could you begin the painting now, so that it would be done before the new flooring is put in? It would be nice to know that drips wouldn't harm anything :))

    Steak tartare has just always sounded odd to me... but, I trust that it must be better than I thought, if you would actually order it in a restaurant. :)


  3. Steak tartare is a favorite. Had I served it I would have asked if ca allait a votre gout.

  4. I don't envy your raw dinner last night.

    I hope your workers return soon. The process is exactly the same here and I know our carpenters didn't apprentice in France.

  5. The workers not showing up is more in tune with the US ones. Maybe the fact that they were on time for so long was not normal.

  6. Was it to your preference?

  7. jean, it's very good. The only reason I've been hesitant about ordering it is that I want to be sure that it's a quality restaurant because you don't want to mess around with raw meat. I know the Crépiot well enough now not to have any worries.

    judy, we need to wait until the drywall is finished and sanded. And then there's all the contractor's stuff up there...

    tornwordo, she was just making a joke for the benefit of conviviality. And it was pretty funny because she deadpanned it.

    evelyn, at least the weather is good so we're out in the yard working and not just sitting around waiting.

    nadege, could be.

    alewis, that was Peggy Sue, not Curly Cue.

    starman, yup!


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