Monday, May 03, 2010

Sur le mur y avait des glycines

I planted this glycine (wisteria) in 2006. It was about two feet tall then. The first year it grew roots but didn't get any taller. I was disappointed. Then, in 2008 and 2009, it started to grow taller and began to branch out. The flowers get fuller and more numerous as each year passes. I started training it with a horizontal wire support two years ago; I need to add another this year.

Our glycine in 2010. Just a young whippersnapper.

It's still a long way from being a mature, majestic plant. But one day, if we're lucky, the back of the house will be covered with these blue-mauve flowers every spring.

By the way, the title of this post is a line from a song. Do you recognize it?


  1. I love wysteria, the way you can get it to drape over the walls. It smells lovely, too.
    Ours is not in flower yet.

  2. So beautiful!

  3. Wisteria - perhapos my favorite flower. Right up there with peonies. These are so beautiful.

  4. Looovely!

    I don't recognize the song:)

  5. One of my favorite plants, very photogenic. It looks like you chose a good spot to plant it.

  6. How beautiful! I've planted various flowers that made me disappointed when they didn't spread. My aunt told me the "sleep, creep and leap" trick though. The first year they sleep, the next year creep and on the third year, they leap! It too is taken from an old song apparently.

  7. Serge lama! (I am listening to RTL while checking out my blogs).

  8. sur le mur y avait des glycines
    On the wall there is wysetria

    by Serge Lama
    I just downloaded because of you.

    I f you bruise the roots of your plant it will encourage blossoms.
    I once saw one in San Gimianno that had a trunk six feet around & covered mosy of the old city wall. So, be careful!

  9. I've had my wisterea for maybe ten years it never flowered. This MAY,surpriseingly, there are only two flowers, Better than nothing I guess.
    Walt, Pastis is unable to walk so taking him to a vet tomorrow. Send good vibes my way.

  10. jean, I'm looking forward to this one getting older and prettier.

    lehuutai, thanks!

    diogenes, our peonies are also starting to bloom now.

    judy, the others have it right. It's "les glycines" by Serge Lama. I think it's from 1973.

    carolyn, it's a western wall, but it's partially shaded, so we'll see how it goes.

    rachael, I've heard of "sleep, creep, and leap," too. There is something to it.

    nadege, right! Ken and I saw him at l'Olympia in 2002. We were probably the youngest people in the audience!

    starman, thanks!

    stephen, right! The old wisteria can be really gorgeous, can't they?

    mimi, sending good vibes for Pastis! Let us know how he's doing.


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