Thursday, May 06, 2010

Taping and mudding

For those interested, here are a few shots of the attic conversion as it stands to date. The guys have started filling in the gaps around the windows with drywall and have also started the taping and mudding process. That's the process by which the joints and screw holes begin to disappear into a single smooth wall.

Looking northwest. The chimney will be covered, probably with plaster.

As you can see, they still have a long way to go. After all that's done, they will have to sand it smooth. Then they'll leave it for us to finish. Ken and I will be applying the primer and paint to the walls ourselves. Sweat equity, they used to call it on "This Old House." Saving euros is what we call it on "Cette Vieille Maison." I made that bit up.

Looking east. You can see insulation peeking out around the window.

And like I mentioned previously, the next big step is the installation of the finish flooring. That will be pine planks that are about six inches wide. They come in lengths of six and a half feet, but they will likely be cut into smaller lengths for installation. We will also be responsible for finishing (staining and varnishing) the floor once it's in. More sweat equity.

Looking southwest. There's the stair coming up. The red wall will be plastered.

It's going to be a busy summer.


  1. It looks beautiful! Love the view of the blossoming trees out the window. So much for retirement, eh? You don't have time to be retired!

  2. Is it really called 'mudding'?!

  3. Susan, it is called "mudding"! At least, that's what we call it out here in St. Louis :)

    So, Walt, have they actually delivered the wood flooring yet? How many days did they tell you that it needs to sit in the boxes at your house to acclimate to the temps and humidity level at your house?

    Looks great!


  4. The space looks so much bigger.

  5. Oooops. I meant to say, the space looks so much bigger now.

  6. That brick wall by the stair is beautiful! You're not really going to plaster it are you?!

  7. It's exciting when it gets to this stage, is't it? Have you started placing the furniture (in imagination, that is)?

  8. I love the nook area with the window! The stair rail looks nice also. You are getting there now, you're getting closer to sweat time.

  9. Oh please don't plaster over the masonery wall. It is lovely in the photo and could be a focal point for the decor of the new space. There is a hotel in Winston-Salem with exposed brick walls from the days when the building was a factory, and those walls add such a sense of history to the structure. I realize it is your property, but will you at least consider leaving it as a exposed wall?

  10. Just one more voice saying don't plaster the brick wall. It's too beautiful!

  11. Pine is very a very soft wood.
    Don't let any lady with high heels walk in the attic. It really looks beautiful and you have a lot of natural light getting in. It might become your favortie room.

  12. Wow! What a difference. The room looks great.

  13. It tired me out just thinking of all the work you have to do.

  14. There is a rumor going around the internet that this space will become your S&M playroom.

  15. Wow Walt, that is really starting to look incredible. I am going to need to make a trip back soon so I can see it in person! :)

  16. cheryl, retirement is a 24/7 job!

    susan, yes, in the USA it's called mudding!

    judy, they haven't delivered it yet. We'll see...

    evol, it just keeps expanding...

    cubby, yes, it will be covered. It's not brick, but large and ugly terra cotta building blocks. They look better in the photo than in person.

    patrick, oh yes. I have floor plans drawn to scale with the furniture in.

    evelyn, that nook will be home to many plants, we hope.

    anon (bettyann?), no history here. Just ugly building blocks.

    kendall, sorry!

    nadege, are men with high heels ok? ;)

    diogenes, thanks!

    starman, me too! Phew!

    stephen, it was Brian York's idea.

    justin, check out the volcano forecasts first... ;)

  17. Nadege said...
    Pine is very a very soft wood.
    Don't let any lady with high heels walk in the attic

    wcs said...
    nadege, are men with high heels ok? ;)

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :))))

  18. Our pine floor seems to stand up to Lulu's claws ok. It's painted with a hardwearing stain with a non-slip finish and it seems to work ok.
    Mind you, Nick hasn't tried his high heels on it yet - oops what a give-away !!!!

  19. judy, you're easily amused, I see. ;)

    jean, I'm easily amused, too. hahahahahaha!

  20. i think i saw a tiny ghost in the corner.


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