Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Periodic Puppy Pics

Callie's been really good with all the upheaval in her life right now. First, the furniture is all moved around and her favorite sleeping place in the entry is gone. Second, many of the inside doors in the house are closed to keep down dust and she doesn't have as much freedom to roam around. Third, the construction is often noisy and loud. And finally, there's a cat living somewhere in the house.

Sleepy, but ever vigilant with one ear up.

But after a few nervous days, Callie settled into the new routine. Every once in a while when we have the doors open, I find her stretched out on the bed snoozing. She's going to be really surprised when the work is done and she has new places to hang out. Or maybe not.

I suppose she'll simply adjust and find a new routine to settle into.


  1. Oh for HEAVEN's sake... can she look any more adorable?!? :))

  2. Well it certainly LOOKS like she's adjusting. :-) That's abut as sacked out and comfortable as it gets.

  3. Is she normally allowed to sleep on the bed ? If not, she does from now on!!

  4. She is so cute. Her hair looks like mine in the morning. :-)

    That tarte below looks very tempting.

  5. She's probably keeping a ear open in case the cat decides to attack while she's sleeping.

  6. Darling, sweet photo...
    I know 2 terriers in Portland, Oregon USA, that would like to sniff her butt.

  7. Now that I have a dog, I am paying more attention to these doggy entries.
    Apparently our dog literally takes over the bed. Do you have this problem? What does one do?

  8. judy, well, actually, yes. :)

    will, she's good at it, too.

    jean, yes. It's her bed. She lets us use it.

    diogenes, she really needed a brushing when I took the picture, which she got last night.

    starman, that's probably right.

    stephen, hehehe.

    michael, one adjusts or one sleeps elsewhere. Actually, you can train the dog not to be on the bed, but then you'll miss him. As long as it's only one dog... If you had more than one, steps would need to be taken.


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