Saturday, July 10, 2010

Artie chokes four for a dollar

That's the punchline of an old joke. I'll spare you the groan-inducing details. These four artichokes, however, are no joke. They're in our garden. Although they're not really good enough to eat, they look nice and will have brilliant blooms later this summer.

I'll take a dollar for these four. Any interest?

You can see the four-square vegetable garden in the background. I call it that because the garden is made up of four plots, each four meters square. Last year we added another plot along one side that breaks the symmetry, but gives us more planting space.


  1. Wow, I'm sure that I've never seen artichokes growing before. Nice looking :)


  2. Well the photograph is certainly lovely.

  3. City-boy that I am, I had no idea artichokes grew on stalks. In my mind, I thought they'd grow like lettuce on the ground....

    So, are home grown tastier in the way home-grown tomatoes are better than the supermarket varieties?

  4. Haha....I thought Joel was the only one who knew that old joke, but the way he tells it, Artie chokes "three" for a dollar....

    You sure those artichokes aren't edible??? I would have to try one.

  5. Walt, when do you know they are ready?
    reason for asking: at the market or store, I can get different sizes at different times (some locally grown , some imported from South America)

  6. Y'all are becoming regular farmers.

  7. they are almost as bizarre looking as brussel sprouts plants.

  8. Since you say they aren't good to eat, I'm guessing that they're tough when they get to this size. I wonder if they'd be any more toothsome if you ate them as "babies."

    The to-die-for artichokes in Italy are a little pink around the stem end when young and very tender. Do they sell that type of plant in France? I've never seen the pinkish ones here in Calif. In fact, the market is becoming overrun with "globe" artichokes: very round, large, and, to us, flavorless.

  9. judy, you need to visit the Monterey, CA. Lots grow on the coast there.

    rick, wait until you see the flowers!

    diogenes, I suspect so, but these aren't. ;)

    lynn, someone else recently told me the 3-for-a-dollar version. We tried to eat the artichokes one year but they had very little on them and they were tough.

    beaver, I think the leaves should be tight around the choke, and not pointing out like ours. But otherwise, I'm not sure.

    starman, well, irregular is probably more like it. ;)

    michael, I think they're pretty in the garden.

    chris, (ken posted your comment) that's a good point. I might try that next year.

  10. Hi,

    My dad used to tell that joke. A lot. I tried it on my students a while back in an English class and it went way over their heads.

    Nice photos. Your blog does justice to living in France. I think I'll be stopping by more often.



  11. alex, funny! Thanks for stopping by!


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