Monday, July 12, 2010

Mushrooms in love

Or are they just friends? Is this how little fungi are made? I noticed this threesome in the vineyard on Sunday morning. These are tiny things, about an inch tall, and I didn't notice the intimacy until after I took the picture.

Somebody always has to feel like a third wheel.

With the recent storms and accompanying rains, the ground is soaked. Perfect for mushroom reproduction. And there are a lot of these popping up out there right now.

The view from above.


  1. Fungi are fun- love these.

  2. Those are very interesting. Do you know what kind of mushrooms they are?

  3. Fascinating, beautiful and great pictures. Second photo looks like Japanese parasols.

    Are these the type of mushroom you can eat only once?

  4. They look like those little umbrellas that come in exotic drinks.

  5. What delicate lovely creatures!

  6. such fairy like mushrooms.
    or is that faerie?

    so the local folks have superstitions about wee folk?

  7. Thanks, everybody! From what I can find in my mushroom book, this is the coprin plissé (Coprinus plicatilis) and it is not good for eating, although it is not toxic.


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