Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I think I'm in trouble

This is Tuesday's harvest. Ooops. I think I planted too many zucchini plants. These were not this big on Monday. I swear. I put the wine bottle in the photo to give you the scale. I see stuffed zucchini in my future. Also, I'm planning to grate and freeze as many as I can for use later in zucchini bread or zucchini balls.

Six courgettes (zucchini) from Tuesday. And they're just getting started.

The other reason I'm in trouble is that the pattypan squash is also starting to produce. What are we going to do? I know, but neighbors and friends can only take so much...

Since I took this photo, a friend dropped by and picked up two of the smaller squash. This morning I grated the three bigger ones and put them into the freezer. I harvested three more this morning.


  1. Walt.

    We were at l'Image (the hotel/restaurant in town) the other night and none of us could identify what the mashed vegetable was. Turns out that it was courgette, which has been mega reduced. I think this may be the answer to your problem, because it takes a lot of courgette to make a small amount of mash, and you can be content that you're not letting them go to waste.

  2. "zucchini balls" made me giggle. I'm serious. Oh geez, now I can't stop...

  3. Just stumbled across your blog -- and am loving it. What beautiful photos. We live in Boston, but my partner lived in Switzerland for several years, and your images perfectly convey the colors and atmosphere of a sultry European summer.

  4. Talk about a bountiful harvest!

  5. Help, the zukes are coming!

  6. Chocolate courgette cake. I have the perfect recipe and it's only very faintly green.

    I am jealous, our courgettes have been pathetic this year.

  7. Well, you can make the Mexican dish Calabacitas.

    Cut courgettes + onion + garlic + tomato simmered in olive oil til cooked. Add white cheese til melted. It's good hot or cold.

  8. Do you grate your zucchini by hand or ...? Do you do anything to press out any extra moisture before you freeze?

  9. Damn! For a second there I thought you had found a way to grow bottles of wine - was going to ask for some Monmousseau seeds.

  10. Maybe they should reconsider the "snail festival" in your area and rename it the "courgettes festival". Seems to me from what you have said they are more abundant...?!

  11. Zucchini caviar is good. Or courgette caviar if you prefer that term. Think eggplant caviar or in French caviar d'aubergines. The courgette version is good with Moroccan/Tunisian spices.

  12. simon, I've done that, and it is good.

    cubby, and they're tasty, too.

    mike, thanks!

    rick, and it's only the beginning.

    evelyn, gad-zooks!

    melinda, that could work, until they start to get all squishy.

    jean, I make a zucchini cake, but haven't tried with chocolate. I'd appreciate the recipe!

    diogenes, thanks, we'll give that try.

    lynn, I use the food processor and I don't squeeze before I freeze. It's easy once they're thawed.

    john, if only!

    suzanne, I'll suggest it to the mayor!

    ken, come home and make some!

    starman, I pulled an even bigger one out of the garden after I took the picture.


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