Sunday, July 25, 2010

La vallée du Cher

Here's a view of the Cher River valley from up on the heights near our house. This view exists because the electric company keeps a clear swath cut down the hill for the wires that serve our hamlet. I removed the wires from this photo using Photoshop.

Looking across the Cher valley toward the north.

So now the four a.m. car mystery is pretty much solved, it seems. The problem is that I will hear that darned car every morning, at least while I have the windows open. I don't know if it's a new thing or not because before we started sleeping in the loft space, the bedroom was on the other side of the house. Maybe the car has been turning around there at four a.m. for months and I didn't know it!


  1. Thanks for taking the wires out so I could see France as it exists in my memory. My faulty memory.

  2. nice view. I like playing with Photoshop too, amazing software.

  3. I don't seem to notice the wires in any view, until I look at the photos afterwards.

  4. But I'm just sure that the wires are pretty wires. Right? Such a nice view.

  5. It would be a pretty scene either way, I think.

  6. I have missed reading you!
    I have been to Mackinac Island, which was founded by the French in the 17th century.
    I want to be a habitant (is this the right word?)

  7. carolyn, you're welcome. ;)

    vtt, it helps me rescue photos that I otherwise would discard.

    jean, I know what you mean!

    alewis, very pretty wires.

    starman, it is, that's true.

    michael, welcome back! I kept up with your michigan adventures. Sounded like you all had a great time.


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