Saturday, July 24, 2010

Periodic Puppy Pics

I mentioned the other day that we saw a deer in the meadow that used to be a donkey pasture. It was not alone and while it leaped through the meadow toward the woods, Callie chased its companion through the vineyard for a bit. Here she is right after giving up the chase.

That was fun! Can I have another one?

On Friday morning she saw and went after a rabbit among the vines. She can't catch any of these critters and she doesn't pursue them for very long. But it's good exercise for her.

She and Bertie were nose to nose again on Thursday. Callie is doing better; she knows she's not supposed to lunge at the cat, but I can tell she's trying really hard not to. Bertie just stands or sits in front of her and keeps his eyes on her. She actually gets her nose to his fur and sniffs. Sometimes, as one of you noted, I put the cat in my lap to show Callie that he's ok. I think she's starting to get the message.

Last night, at precisely 4:09 a.m., the car returned. Ken got up and looked. Indeed, it is using our neighbors' driveway to turn around. Ken speculates that it must be one of the young, newer neighbors three doors down going to work each morning. Their driveway is at a slight angle to the road, making it easier for them to back out, come up our way, then turn around to go back down the hill. Why they're using Bernard's yard to turn around rather than going to the end of the road (where it's wider) is anybody's guess. Probably they're lazy and think that another 150 meters is just too far to drive.


  1. What a cheek !! I mean using someone's drive to turn around in at such and unsociable hour. Sounds like your neighbour needs to invest in one of those collapsible posts to block the entrance to his drive.

  2. Walt,
    Its great that Callie and Bertie are warming to each other. We've had cats and dogs together and the cats always rule with an attitude of arrogance.
    Cats and dogs, now there's a hint for a post Walt.

  3. Another great photo of Callie... and good news that she and Bertie are at least able to be around each other at this point :)

    I agree with Jean that it is terrible of whoever it is who is using your elderly neighbor's driveway at that hour! It is surely waking him up... I wonder if the driver thinks that no one is occupying the place?

    Welcome back to Ken and CHM-- another occasion for a guest to enjoy the new guestroom!


  4. I bet by winter Callie and Bertie will be the best of friends, snuggling up to eachother to keep warm during the cold winter nights. Wouldn't that be great? :)

  5. I don't understand why the guy drives the wrong and then turns around to go back the way he came.

  6. Terrific photo of Miss Callie.
    We are still plauged with critter trouble, & we live in the middle of a major city.

  7. Many years ago I had a wonderful Maine Coon Cat I named Bertie. It was for P.G. Wodehouse's Bertie Wooster, because the cat was so loveable and had am antic side, inventing all kinds of chase games and generally being a total delight.

  8. jean, it does seem very strange to me. I don't even know if our neighbors hear the car.

    leon, the truth about cats and dogs?

    judy, Bernard & Maryvonne sleep with everything closed up. They may not hear the car. I will have to ask them one of these days.

    martine, yes! I hope so.

    starman, it's the angle of his/her driveway.

    stephen, I had raccoons and skunks in San Francisco. Neither of those critters live in France, except in the zoos.

    will, :)

  9. So does this mean there is no "Pepe La Pew" skunk character in France then? Bummer! ;)

  10. Walt,
    You can run Cats and Dogs little video I sent for people if you want. Not sure how that works.


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