Friday, July 16, 2010

The curvature of our earth

Ok, I exaggerate. I'm really referring to the curvature of the hill we live on. Our house sits up on the heights above the Cher, but on either side of the house are two ravines made by streams that run down to join the river. When seen from out in the vineyards beyond the house, the curve of the hill between the ravines is quite obvious.

Looking northeast. The taller pointy tree in the middle is on our property.

The road we live on runs up the spine of this hill. Beyond our house it becomes a dirt road which continues up into the vineyards where it joins with another paved road that goes out into the countryside beyond.


  1. You can't fool us. Everyone knows the Earth is flat.

  2. That is a great picture!!!

  3. vtt, not yet, I hope!

    rick, we like it!

    nadege, thanks!

    cubby, everyone in elected office, that is.

    lynn, merci!

  4. Since my comment, yesterday, disappeared, I shall repeat it. Is it just my poor eyesight, or is there one blue flower in the midst of all that green?

  5. starman, no, that's sunlight refracting through the lens, which also explains the patches of red on the right side. I removed the color from the top part of the photo and eliminated some of the other refractions.


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