Sunday, July 11, 2010

The corn is as high as a puppy dog's eye

Are you tired of garden pictures yet? This is one of four rows of sweet corn in this plot. I planted three varieties of corn including an early variety. These tallest stalks are that early variety; the others are still a bit shorter. Those are sunflowers in the back, and a row of radishes in between the corn rows.

Radishes, sunflowers, and early corn. It's not that early anymore, but I planted late.

Last season I had planted basil in pots to get it started in the cooler weather. I never got them out into the garden and they spent the whole summer in pots inside the cold frame. It was the best crop of basil that we had in years. So this year I'm doing it again intentionally. I've staggered the planting to have plants in different stages of growth. Since they're in the cold frame, I can cover them up if the weather cools down and they'll continue to grow.

The basil farm.


  1. That's some of the healthiest looking basil I've ever seen!

  2. I wish you could bottle the scent of fresh basil!

  3. And it looks like it's climbing clear up to the sky...

    Oh what a beautiful morning,
    oh what a beautiful day.

  4. rick, now I need to keep the snails from gobbling up the sprouts!

    suzanne, basil extract?

    judy, I know I like my wine, but must you resort to name-calling? ;)

    diogenes, I love show tunes!

    starman, I agree!


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