Sunday, July 04, 2010

Funky Feline Fotos

The heat of the recent couple of weeks has affected the animals a bit. They are very quiet during the day, taking refuge in the cool parts of the house. Callie spends most of the day in the utility room alternating from lying on a comfortable rug to lying on the cool concrete floor. Bertie has been spending his days in the garage napping.

Bertie, seen from our deck, in the neighbor's yard across the street.

Of course, Callie still gets her two walks a day. With the heat she's been not wanting to go far, preferring to turn back toward home before we finish our trip. Bertie, who doesn't get "walked," has been staying out at night wandering around. He's either hunting, exploring, or just hanging out at the Kit Kat Klub. But he's usually back home in the mornings, ready for his breakfast.

Something suddenly gets his attention...

After he eats, Bertie lounges around on his bed and accepts the occasional belly rub. Since his garage window is open, he's free to come and go as he likes. Every now and then we'll see him when he's out. He likes to nap at the top of our next-door neighbor's exterior stair. There's little traffic there in the afternoons and he can see our deck and keep an eye on us (and Callie). Sometimes we see him sauntering down the road. Other times he checks out the other neighbor's field across the street, as he's doing in this series of pictures.

...and he's off to check it out.

The two animals still won't hang out together. Callie still wants to chase Bertie when she sees him. But they can be in the same area together for a few minutes as long as we keep Callie under constant control. But one small lapse in our vigilance and she lunges for the cat. I think he prefers the wilds of the night to the company of the dog.


  1. It'll be interesting to see how
    the sleeping arrangements work out
    in the winter months when the nights are cold.

  2. Your title pic reminded me of Château de Pierrefonds, The castle used in the TV show "Merlin". It is located on the southeast edge of the Forest of Compiègne, just north of Paris. Have you guys been there?

  3. Starman, I've been to Pierrefonds, and you're right... the towers of Chaumont are not unlike those of Pierrefonds. Did you take the full tour or just the individual visit?

  4. Bonsoir Walt,

    Les photos de Bertie sont sympa :-) I must have already told you that we have walked all our cats (we have had 3 : Poupon, then Foxy and now, Filou) and all of them have loved it, but not on a leash, just walking by us, stopping to smell bushes, etc. You must have plenty of time to walk a cat ;-) Bises ;-) Mary/Marie from Normandy

  5. Great to see Bertie photos :)
    Yucky bat story yesterday. I'd require screens, period *R*R*. Once a summer is far, far too often.

    Happy 4th!


  6. I love black cats! I miss mine so.

  7. sheila, yes, it will!

    rick, he's right handsome!

    starman, I've been to the outside, but have not yet toured the inside. I'd really like to do that one day.

    martine, :)

    mary, Bertie would walk with me except that Callie would chase him. :(

    judy, the bat was pretty cute, really. But one does have to be careful about being scratched.

    michael, but now you're occupied with a dog. Quite different, I know.


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