Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A simple lunch

Before Ken got back last week with CHM, I had several days on my own for meals. I ate some zucchini, some pasta, some ham. One day I cut up some chicken breasts and marinated them in an Asian sweet and spicy sauce, then put the strips on sticks and grilled them.

Lunch for one.

I served that along side the patty-pan squash that I had steamed and a bowl of basmati rice. Very tasty!

On Sunday evening while I was out with the dog, I chatted with some of our neighbors about the early morning car mystery. One set of neighbors had heard the car, too. They assume that it's the local gendarmes who are patrolling at night after the gypsy "riots" a little over a week ago. I don't agree because I don't think the gendarmes would use someone's yard to turn around. Besides, if they were patrolling, I think they'd go all the way to end of the street before turning around.

I also talked to Bernard and Maryvonne, whose yard is where the car has been turning around. They haven't heard a thing, but while we were talking Bernard put two sawhorses across the access to his yard (he uses them in winter to keep cars off the wet grass). The car did not show up Sunday night.

I'm sure the neighbors think I'm nuts. Crazy American!

Interestingly, this morning at four-thirty a car came up the road. But I'm pretty sure it wasn't the same car as before because a) it drove right past Bernard's drive and turned around at the end of the road, and b) it didn't sound like a diesel engine. Not to mention that it was a half an hour late.


  1. The dinner looks wonderful.

    The mystery continues.

    American? I didn't know. Do tell.

  2. Curiouser and curiouser!!
    This could be worthy of Sherlock Holmes himself.
    Your lunch looks good. If I am by myself it's hard to be motivated to cook properly.

  3. Yes, as Jean said, curiouser and curiouser. I'm sure they don't think you're a crazy American :)) ...especially not if they put sawhorses up to block the driveway. They're probably glad to know.

    Good looking lunch :))


  4. Since they can't turn into the driveway anymore, maybe they will
    get the hint and turn further up the road.
    Did you soak the stick into water before putting them on the barbie so they don't burn?

  5. Lunch for one? You mean for two days, right?

  6. Looks delicious! Hope the car noise stops soon.

  7. Even your simple lunches look wonderful and fabulous.

  8. rick, are you saying you didn't know I'm American?

    jean, I guess I just like to eat so much that I don't mind cooking for myself.

    judy, you're probably right. ;)

    nadege, no, I didn't soak these. They didn't cook on a very hot grill.

    starman, yes, there were leftovers!

    michael, and it was!

  9. scottsabode, thanks, I do, too!


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