Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Another snow post

Get it? Snow? Post? It rained steadily for over twenty-four hours and most of the snow is gone. But there are still some bits here and there hanging on. The winter wonderland has been replaced by a muddy metropolis. Well, ok, it's not a metropolis. But it is muddy.

This was taken a week ago when the snow was fresh.

Our next taste of winter should come on Wednesday and Thursday when temperatures are predicted to head south again. And with all this water on the ground, it will be interesting. We'll see. It's a good thing that Ken went to the store for some staple items on Monday.

The snow melt is revealing all the fallen leaves that we didn't get up off the ground. When it started raining, the leaves were still on the trees. As they fell, they were wet and we thought we'd give them a chance to dry before raking them up. Then it snowed. I'm hopeful that they'll have a chance to dry out again before they decompose.


  1. We're finally getting our share of the winter front: freezing cold temperatures but no snow...yet.

  2. We're having the snow. We had nearly a foot yesterday. I had the drive plowed about noon and I think I need to have that done again today! But it is beautiful, and I've canceled any plans to go out. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same. Thank heaven for books, and electricity that lets us have tv and computers. Hmmm. Probably unwise to have mentioned that.

  3. Walt

    I am in winter wonderland- it has been snowing since yesterday and though it is -2C it feels like -14C . I am lucky because some cities in Ontario are expecting 70 cms of the white powder today and along the St Lawrence river, further east - flooding .

  4. Isn't it cool how the snow even clings to the SIDES of the branches!

  5. I need to stop reading your blog for the rest of the winter, the chill has made it all the way to Fort Lauderdale.

  6. Walt, your wonderful photos and dry wit always put a smile on my face! Snow post... muddy metropolis. How great is that?

    But now I'm thinking, if what you have is "dry wit" what is "wet wit"? Laughing it up while drinking, or while raining, or while snowing?


  7. please send some snow our way !

  8. rick, it's probably only a matter of time.

    kristi, I know, electricity is not over rated. When we were without it for four days earlier this year, we were going stir-crazy.

    beaver, 70 cms? Jeeez...

    alewis, and then it falls on your head!

    starman, how chilly is it?

    cheryl, I've been told I'm all wet more than once...

    michael, unfortunately, my powers are limited. Besides, when it got there, it would evaporate.


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