Friday, December 17, 2010

Hamlet holiday lights

On Wednesday I got the sudden urge to put lights up on the house. I've never done it here before because, up until recently, there was no electrical outlet on the outside of the house. We had one installed on the deck this past summer. So I took a string of white lights and wrapped them around the deck railing.

If you look closely, you can see the lights on the deck railing. Click to entwinkelate.

Then I took the camera out at dusk to see if I could get a decent photo. Out of the ten or so photos I took just after sunset, the one above turned out best. It's a very subtle look. I'm not comfortable enough with my ladder skills to get lights up along the roof line (two floors above the ground). And besides, with the lights strung on the deck railing, I can see them from inside the house.

I noticed when I was out with the camera that one of the neighbors down the road was also putting up his lights. These neighbors are Parisians, but they're retiring to this house they've owned for years. He switched the lights on and I took this photo:

Our Parisian neighbors' house.


  1. Walt

    Do they sell different sets of lights for inside and outside in France?

  2. Any chance of more snow before Xmas?

  3. Very festive !
    One of the things we like about December in France is that the Christmas decorations are more classy and subtle than they often (but not always) are in the UK. Around us in Derbyshire there seems to be a competition for who can fit the most lights on the outside of their house, starting in early November.

  4. Where in the Bible does it say you have to put electrical lights at Xmas time along the roof line of your house? Or everywhere else for that matter!

  5. Jean, there is a house in Chaumussay... near the Source... that is out-doing Paris for light pollution. [And the way they are flashing, I think they might have shares in a Pharmacy!]
    None of the visible buildings from La Forge have Chrismas lights yet... but we will. We strung them in the lime and spruce and had them on a very slow change... nice and restful.

  6. I think your lights look quite nice on the railing and you get the bonus of being able to see them from inside.

  7. Your house looks great! The lights are a really nice touch. It's fun to have some Christmas lights I think.


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