Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A wintry sunset

You've likely seen this shot a hundred times. It's out the guest room window, looking west over the vineyards, at sunset. But you may not have ever seen it with snow on the ground.

The sunset on 29 November 2010, about 5:00pm.

This snowfall is history. Tuesday morning's walk in the vineyard felt very France-like. Bare trees. Many browns and somber colors all around. Leaden sky and a light rain falling. The bright spot in this season is that the grass is vibrant green. Our grass doesn't go brown in winter.

Sometimes the grass begins to turn brown in a hot, dry summer, but it never goes completely brown. But in winter, our yards and the rows between the vines in the vineyard are as green as a Saint Patrick's Day parade.

It helps with the mood.


  1. OMG, so beautiful! I wish being there.

  2. It would be neat to show the comparison photo from the summer too.

  3. You have amazing sunsets! I guess I miss them from my house because there are a lot of trees along the western edge of our property. This is a wonderful photo.

  4. You live in the Loire valley... At a Vinyard?

    Yeah, I so don't feel sorry about your "dusting" of snow. In fact, I think I'll send you more-- care of Minnesota!


  5. I love the "mood" in this picture.
    Another great photo Walt.

  6. Walt

    I actually got 35 cms in my area and it was NOT fun driving yesterday with blowing snow and icy roads even with snow tires.
    I love that picture with snow and the sun set. What a contrast!!!!!

  7. Love the colors in this photo.

  8. Oh là là as they say in France! I love sunsets like that one and don't get to see many.

    The grass in Ky stays green all winter. I miss seeing that here since most of Alabama grass turns brown in the winter. Guess you can't have everything.

  9. I really miss living in a temperate area.
    it is hard to imagine what snow is like anymore.


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