Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas, every one!

Whatever Christmas is to you, I hope you enjoy it. Ken and I are home doing one of the things we enjoy most: cooking! On Friday we went to the market in Montrichard (about twenty minutes from here) to pick up the turkey we ordered. Luckily, the weather was not as bad as predicted and we had no trouble driving over. We even had terrific parking karma.

The produce stand where we got sprouts and other good things.

We got the turkey and some chicken livers, some sprouts, some celery, some topinambours (Jerusalem artichokes), some salad, and some bread. Then we went and got some wine for the weekend. The market was not too crowded yet (we got there early) and a light snow started to fall while we shopped. It was very pretty and quite festive as everybody we encountered was in a good mood.

Oh, and I'm trying something new this year. It's called pommes dauphines. It's French for, well, 'tater tots. With their eyes all aglow. It's potatoes in a purée, mixed with a pâte à choux pastry, then deep fried in oil. If they turn out ok, I'll try to remember to take pictures. I'm making them from scratch and not buying them from the freezer section. Just sayin'.

Here's hoping your day is beautiful and delicious!


  1. Lovely photo, full of colour. Have you got brillant sunshine like us today? Have a happy Christmas.

  2. I second Susan's words--a
    wonderful photo. I enlarged
    it, and jealously examined
    each item. Such beautiful
    Savoy cabbages!

  3. Merry Christmas Walt
    Enjoy your Christmas meal. A votre santé :-)

  4. "Just sayin'", indeed! :))

    What a colorful, fresh, beautiful scene that marché provides. Happy day to you both!


  5. Happy Christmas to you all! Beautiful photo!


  6. Merry Christmas and LOVELY pics!!!

  7. Is that mache at the front?
    Merry Christmas to you too!

  8. Merry Christmas to the both of you.
    Enjoy your fancy schmancy tater tots.
    Your Friend, m.

  9. Happy Christmas Walt, your dinner sounds divine. And we hope you have a great New Year, too.

  10. Happy Chrismas and all the best for the New Year Walt [and Ken].
    That market stall alone is a good reason to be living in France... just look at those pumpkins, the mache and the distant radishes... and everything else... all wonderfully displayed.
    Hope you had a good day!

  11. Walt - merry christmas to you as well.

  12. susan, yes, thanks. We had a bright sunny day. Cold, too!

    sheila, they do look tasty, don't they!

    beaver, merci :)

    cubby, to you and Greg, too!

    judy, but now I understand why they come frozen...

    bettyann, thanks! Is it warm where you are now?

    leesa, merci! Hope you and Alex had a good day!

    nadege, I do believe it is!

    mark, they were good. Even with the glowing eyes.

    jean, same to you and Nick.

    tim, everything looked so good that we ended up buying more than we intended!

    bosguy, and a happy new year!

  13. And a prosperous new year to you both !


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