Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Too cold for the birds

We're having a cold wave. Tuesday morning's low was -5.6ºC (about 22ºF), and that's pretty cold for these parts. Other regions nearby got down to minus thirteen (single digits F), so we were lucky. The forecasters are predicting even colder temperatures as the week goes on.

A few birds headin' out over the snowy vineyard on Monday.

We're fortunate that our power returned within a few hours after the snow storm and that we can run the boiler. The house would be mighty cold if we had to rely on the wood stove alone. We did that back in early March; it was fine, but not fun. And electricity is not overrated. It keeps us in touch with the outside world.

Tuesday morning's temperatures in France and nearby countries.

Apparently much of northern Europe in is the chill zone. The only thing really unusual here is the timing. This weather is more fit for January or February. This cold, this early, is newsworthy. The map above shows our Tuesday morning temperatures. We live where you see that hot pink dot in the middle of France.


  1. We've been unseasonably warm (knock on wood).

  2. Global "Warming", I don't think so!!!
    Still you do have a white Xmas.
    Feel very sorry for us in Aussie. We swelter in the heat eating seafood for Xmas. Sob, sob.
    Oh yes, and we have to endure Oprah in a weeks time.
    As always, love your eye in the lens.

  3. We are now under nearly 18" of snow. In fact we are definitely snowed in for the next few days.

  4. Is "under the hot pink dot" the gayest place in France? Because I've been to Paris and that seemed really Gay to me.
    Cuddle up, keep warm!
    Thanks for the well wishes, I'm feeling much better today.
    Your Friend, m.

  5. what the heck is behind the gate !!!!????

  6. rick, enjoy it!

    leon, swelter away. I need another layer.

    jean, your photos were beautiful. I hope it melts soon!

    mark, no, I think Paris, or maybe Toulouse! lol.

    michael, I don't know! It's somebody's house... private property. I can't snoop.

  7. As cool as it is, it is going to get even colder. Brrrrrr!!!


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