Friday, December 31, 2010

Not the postcard view

This is a funky view of Montrichard, a town about twenty minutes away from our house on the other side of the river. They have a great market on Friday mornings. Many of the vendors that sell at Saint-Aignan on Saturday are also in Montrichard on Friday so we don't often go for the market. But there are other vendors we don't see closer to home and it's nice to go every now and then.

A view of the château ruins at Montrichard on Christmas Eve, 2010.

I call this a funky view because the town is much more picturesque when seen from other angles. Montrichard is built at the foot of an old château, the donjon and ramparts being all that remain of it. There is also a nice church and a pretty lively main street that parallels the river. The real estate agent we worked with to buy our house has an office here, and our bank is here as well.

Directly across the river from town, next to a small faubourg aptly named Le Bout du Pont (The End of the Bridge), is a campground with a big sandy beach. The Cher is very pretty as it glides past Montrichard.

When the weather gets better I'd like to go over and do a decent photo shoot of the place. Combine that with market shopping and/or lunch, and we could make a day of it!

By the way (and for all you language nerds out there), the "t" in Montrichard is pronounced.


  1. Best wishes to you and Ken for the New Year!

    Looking forward to more feasts for the eyes and palate.

  2. so glad Mr B reappeared......i always have to go open the neighbors garage to get my kitties out......happy new year

  3. Looking forward to photographs of Montrichard (with the pronounced "t").

    Happy 2011!

  4. Relieved to read that Bertie is back! That's the second time he has given you a fright. Maybe you should keep him in tonight, so that he doesn't go off partying with his friends in the vineyard! I'm sure he'll appreciate one of those oysters :)... Happy Saint Sylvèstre. Martine

  5. Yippeee for language nerds :)

    Keep good old Bertie in tonight -- who knows what crazy things someone might do to a black cat on New Year's Eve of 1/1/11.

    As usual, I love the market photos, and I think that this view of the town with the donjon is wonderful, actually.

    BONNE ANNÉE to everyone!!


  6. I remember the market at Montrichard had some great crafts in addition to the great food.

    Happy New Year!

    VW: afort

  7. Hey, Martine - maybe Bertie shouldn't have that oyster after all :-). Is Bertie neutered?

    Happy New Year to Walt and Ken and all their faithful followers (not in a cult-like way, you know what I mean...).

  8. John (lol)!
    Bonne annee a vous deux!

  9. Walt and Ken, very best wishes for the New Year!

  10. I've just discovered your blog, and ken's. Thank you for sharing your experiences. And glad to hear Bertie came home. I know I would be very concerned if mycat Jane did not come home -- she's 16 years old and still plays with strings wiggling in front of her face, amazingly enough.

  11. So glad that Bertie is home, safe and sound.

    Happy New Year to your entire household!


  12. Welcome to the tribe, Cynthia! We all enjoy sharing Walt's posts, photos and recipes.

  13. peter, thanks, and to you as well.

    melinda, hny to you too! We were relieved to see Bert come home.

    evelyn, best wishes to you and Lewis!

    martine, bonne année! We usually keep Bert in over night, but he has to come home first... ;)

    judy, Happy New Year (and new house!) to you!

    cheryl, as I type this, it's still last year for you! Hehe. Thx for the tip on BS, I think we missed it but we're looking to see if they re-run it.

    john, yup. Bertie is snipped. Thank goodness.

    will, and all the best to you and Fritz!

    cynthia, welcome! Thanks for commenting! Happy New Year!

    bettyann, and to you, too! :)

  14. I love this photo. It looks like someone brought an ancient ruin and set it down just outside of a New England town.


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