Saturday, December 04, 2010

More vineyard snow scenes

I don't mean to bore you, but this is what it looks like around here right now. And, with the exception of walks with the dog, we are not venturing out. Our house is at the top of a rather steep hill and I don't like the idea of taking the car down or back up it when there is ice and snow. The road is cleared now and again, and much of the time it just looks wet. Tuesday's, Thursday's, and Friday's regular bread deliveries came without incident. But the bread lady told us she's not delivering today. And guess what? Turns out it's clear and dry.

The dirt road through the vineyard. I was obviously not the first one out with a dog.

Still, the temperatures haven't gone above freezing, so you never know when you might encounter a patch of verglas (black ice). We have all the food we need in the house, thanks to a well-stocked pantry and a good chest freezer. We have frozen baguettes for the days when bread is not normally delivered. And Ken's made cornbread and biscuits, too.

The prognosticators say the thaw will come on Sunday. Even if it does, my snow photos will go on for a bit.


  1. Bread delivery? Only in France. What about the wine and cheese? : )

  2. Okay, question about the word, verglas: I had surmised over the years that this was simply the word for ice on the ground (or maybe on other outdoor surfaces??)... but, I think of black ice as being, I guess, just ice that's on dark road surfaces, where you don't see it. Any clarification? Can I use the term, say, if we just have a thick coating of ice all over the roads?

    Merci :))


  3. This is when the well-stocked freezer really comes into its own. Ours is full of half of all those "buy one get one free" offers that our supermarkets always do. This last week I have been very glad I bought them.

    We also made bread in our bread machine, which was absolutely delicious.

    I am sincerely hoping you get that thaw so that I can get to LGP as planned for the weekend next week.

  4. *yawn* Just kidding, of course. I don't think we'll ever be bored with your pictures and commentary.

  5. "Black ice" is just one form of verglas, according to this Wikipedia article on the subject.

  6. rick, yes, our local boulangerie delivers bread through town 4 days a week. Nice service. They also carry a small selection of local goat cheeses in the van.

    judy, I think Ken answered. :)

    jean, I agree. Our's is filled with produce from the garden and good deals from the supermarket.

    starman, thanks!

  7. Thanks for the info on verglas, Ken :)

  8. Interesting on the verglas. I had thought it was the term for "freezing rain" but it is the result of it, Freezing rain is only pluie verglaçante. I think it's misused, therefore, a lot in Québec.


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