Sunday, December 19, 2010

Periodic Puppy Pics

Well, almost. Ken got a solicitation for a donation to a group that trains guide dogs for the blind. In with all the literature they sent was this little stuffed guide dog. Callie is fascinated by anything that's soft and stuffed with fluff. Anyone who's given her une peluche (a stuffed toy) knows that within five minutes she's got it torn open with the fluff strewn over the floor. We warn friends that this will happen so they're not shocked.

Hmmmm, what's this?

When I set up the little stuffed dog to take it's picture Callie was extremely curious. You can see her snout sniffing the new arrival in the photo. Once the picture taking was done, Callie got to play with her new "friend." After a few minutes, well, it wasn't pretty.


  1. The vision of the stuffed toy after Callie's amusement brings on a very Christmas HoHoHo. We've had dogs too!!!!

  2. So, now you have a blind toy dog too ;) and Callie had her 5 minutes of playtime.

  3. my little weena dog could rip the stuffing out in seconds even tho he just had 3 teeth

  4. Oh my. heh heh :)

    How are things going with Bertie and Callie sharing space?


  5. That's the cutest damn picture. Bandit loves stuffed things too.

  6. Bo loves stuffed animals and they usually go the way of Callie's nearly as quickly, but recently we bought a hedgehog from Lowe's which isn't that much into dog toys, and this one is lasting pretty well...More than a month and only one ear is mostly torn off.

  7. Did they send the stuffed animal as part of the solicitation with no guarantee of a return?

  8. Our pooch ran away in fright from her new wind up 'friend'.

  9. leon, hehehe.

    peter, we need a guide dog for the guide dog. ;)

    melinda, such talent!

    judy, not much better. Callie keeps wanting to chase the cat.

    rick, if I had planned the photo, I might have got more of Callie's head in.

    kristi, Callie had a plastic hedgehog that squeaked. She got the squeaker out and tore the hedgehog into little pieces. Now she finds real hedgehogs in the back yard once in a while.

    starman, I think they called first to ask if he would donate, then sent the stuff.

    michael, poor Harper!


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