Friday, December 03, 2010

Funky Feline Fotos

Equal time for cats. This week, as the temperature plunged below zero outdoors, Bertie's home in the utility room got a little chilly. So we've been taking advantage of Callie's nap times to bring Bert upstairs into the house. He likes to snooze by the wood stove in the evening.

Miaou (that's "meow" in French), toasty warm.

On one afternoon I was watching nature programming on television. Bertie was in the chair closest to the fireplace. He was up on the arm of the chair to get some of the heat from the fire. Of course, I had to grab the camera because he looked so cute. The shot with the elephant cracks me up.

That doesn't look like a mouse...

I watched a movie downstairs on Tuesday night while Ken and Callie were upstairs. Bertie spent most of the time on my lap. Then he started getting curious and ventured into the kitchen. In a snap he was up on the counter and down into the sink. After that he was back down in his room.


  1. How is Bertie in the snow? Our neighbour's cat is hilarious, going into mad snow leopard mode. He clearly loves the snow.

  2. The look in the top picture translates as "turn this **** chair round to the fire!"
    One of ours goes as far as the door... then gives a "You ARE joking?" look and retreats... but the big, black, no-longer-a-tom cat ventures slowly out.... giving a running commentary. Pauline found him in full hunting mode in the field yesterday... but he hasn't behaved wierdly. Then Abri [the apricot tom from down the road showed up and our wussycat decided to come back indoors.]

    I don't know if the word verification is a thought transfer process buut this one is "bakenti".... what a good idea on a cold day.... muffins I think as all the eggs went in our Spanish Omlette last night.

  3. Walt,
    From what you say, I think Bertie has found his servant, and it's not Ken!!!!!!!!

  4. I too like the elephant picture. Cat in the sink? They get into craziest of places.

  5. Oh, how sweeeet :)) Bertie looks so cute!


  6. glad to see some kitty pics....and mr B looks gorgeous.....he seems so happy there by the callie will get more used to his scent in the house and maybe not go after him as much...hopefully....since he obviously likes being indoors around people

  7. Bertie is so handsome and your fire is looking good too! Stay warm everybody.

  8. My one cat is too old to go jumping up on counter tops. But our kitten has just discovered his jumping legs and jumps up on countertops and tables. He has also discovered the back side of my hand. I love cats but I don't play.
    Your Friend, m.

  9. Cute, cute Bertie.
    Have you tried playing with him with a toy attached to a string? can be interesting to watch :-)

  10. We taught our little black feline friend Jiji to stay off the counters, (he is just one year) with a very firm no and a little sprinkle of water from our finger tips. It doesn't hurt him and it is annoying to cats. Our cat got the message pretty quickly. It's so much temptation being up high and Bertie has such a glossy coat he must be very healthy. We call our Jiji a "heat seeking missile" he loves the fireplace so much. :) Especially after a long day of mouse hunting outside in the cold.

  11. The cat/elephant photo is terrific. Prize winning worthy!

  12. Bertie must love being inside during that cold weather. Well thought out on your part to choose a time inside while Callie is napping.
    Have you done anything special to keep him from scratching on the upholstery? It looks like that hasn't been a problem.

  13. I miss my black cat; yours cheers me up.

  14. susan, he's fine. It's as if it's not there at all.

    tim, oh, I've turned that chair around many times! He usually gets out of it once I do.

    leon, what? Callie? ;)

    rick, I know. We will have to be vigilant.

    judy, cute in a deviously dangerous kind of way...

    melinda, it goes a little better each time, but there is still much tension between them.

    evelyn, we're staying warm so far!

    mark, you sound just like a dad... :)

    beaver, no, haven't tried that yet. I'll put it on the list...

    suzanne, good idea.

    victor, :)

    mary, he doesn't seem to be interested in doing that. I had big fears.

    michael, would you like to adopt him? :)

  15. Oh... I just LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE all of your lovely photos! Cute ones of Bertie and Callie in the snow! Looks sooo beautiful there!

    Stay warm... Leese


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