Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our hamlet in the snow

Sunday's snow storm was quite an exciting event for us. We don't often see this much snow at once. Those of you who live in real winter climates won't think this is very much snow at all. What we got was wet and heavy and the shrubs and trees are bending (and in some cases, breaking) under the weight.

Our little hamlet and the Cher River valley beyond.

The snow lasted until after dark, but I think it tapered off pretty quickly. Around six pm, our lights flickered and went out. I lit up some candles and threw another couple of logs on the fire. We ate a hot bowl of soup (thank goodness for gas stoves) and sat around for a while before calling it a night. The power came back on before midnight, so the contents of our freezers were safe and we had a full tank of hot water in the morning.

Another view from farther out among the vines.

The sight was beautiful on Monday morning when I went out to walk with Callie. There was no wind, so it wasn't too cold and the snow hadn't blown out of the trees. I took a lot of photos, mostly of the same old stuff. They'll serve to jog our memories in future years when we reminisce about the Thanksgiving weekend storm of 2010.

Now you know you will be seeing snow photos for the next few days.


  1. Just BEAUTIFUL!!!!! WOWW! I think we're getting more snow tomorrow...

    Take lots of pics..

    Have a great day and stay warm!

  2. These pix would make great Christmas cards.

    It's -4 up here in Amsterdam, only the feeling is -12 due to the windchill factor.

  3. Just beautiful. Words escape me.

  4. Wow, we haven't even had a dusting yet. When I came back from Florida there were little ice crystals in the puddles from some rain but that's about it.

    It does look pretty though. The first snowfall always does.

  5. Oh I love those trees. They look like they were dusted with powdered sugar.

  6. i still get excited about snow.....since i grew up in new orleans & didnt see any for most of my early life.....these r gorgeous pics

  7. I showed your photos to my kids and they exclaimed, "we want some too!!"
    They love a white "Christmas in Connecticut". The vineyards in your town look so pretty.

  8. Ah,yes! I remember how early winter (or technically late fall) snows were so pretty. (I still cannot believe my birthday is technically in fall even though it always seemed to me to be a winter birthday.) Beautiful snowfalls get to be so old by Jan/Feb/Mar, but the first snow of the season is magical! Get yourselves a team of huskies and a sled!

  9. so is this what was behind the iron gate?

  10. leesa, we'll do our best.

    peter, we're lucky in that we've had minimal wind.

    ann, :)

    rick, always better than the second, third, and tenth. ;)

    cubby, yum!

    melinda, we do, too. We don't get all that much, normally.

    suzanne, hope you get your wish!

    cheryl, how about a team of 1 border collie and 1 black cat?

    michael, hehehehe. Not. ;)

  11. Walt. Snow in south London yesterday. Unusually early.


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