Saturday, November 06, 2010

Do you know the way?

This is a directional sign at the main intersection in Faverolles-sur-Cher. The largest nearby town is Montrichard, just a few kilometers away. Beneath that is the sign that points to the mairie (town hall). The other places are just little hamlets here and there (mostly there).

A typical directional sign in small French towns.

There are also indications for une aire de pique-nique (a picnic area) and two (count 'em!) parking areas.


  1. To San Jose, sure do. Been there in 79.
    Home of the Doobies I'm told.

  2. la

  3. It's strange. That sign doesn't show Montrichard a few miles away, but shows la Bigotterie, thousands of miles away across the North Atlantic. Strange!

  4. I hope the weather was better for your bonfire than it was here in Derbyshire. What do your French neighbours think of Guy Fawkes night - have they heard of it?

  5. Oh, fun, love a bonfire!

    I realize that I didn't know the term, une aire de pique-nique... thanks!


  6. leon, I worked there for about five years back in the '90s. Seems another lifetime ago.

    melinda, I wondered if anyone would pick up on that. Bigot is a big family name around these parts.

    chm, comme c'est bizarre...

    jean, I hadn't even heard of it. I don't know that the French people know. There were a couple of French people there, one is married to an English woman, so he probably knew. The weather was great.

    judy, glad to be of service!


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