Monday, November 29, 2010

I wonder what's behind here

This is an iron, or steel, I don't know, gate on one of the little streets in the center of Saint-Aignan. I can see that there is a courtyard and entry to someone's house. Since I've not seen the gate open, I have no idea whether it hides a lush garden, a stone-paved courtyard, a parking space and car, or a huge pile of debris. One never knows.

Somebody's gate in Saint-Aignan.

Sunday started out like any normal day, but it got very strange. It started snowing in mid-morning. A few flurries, a curiosity. Then, by about eleven, it started snowing big flakes and began to accumulate. By three o'clock we had at least four inches on the ground and the snow was still coming down.

I de-wormed the animals, too. That was just a matter of giving each of them a little pill. Callie's pill was bigger than Bertie's, so I chopped it up and mixed it with her lunch. She normally doesn't like pills. The worm medicine became available in a chewable form for dogs abour a year ago, and Callie really liked that last time. But the receptionist at the vet's office said she stopped ordering it because nobody seemed to like it. I told her I did, because Callie liked the chewable. So maybe she'll order some more now.

I followed the doctor's advice and enrobed Bertie's pill in butter. He ate it up without any problem. I also brought him upstairs for a while on Sunday after lunch. He was ok, but it was clear he just wanted to go back down to the utility room. I figure, whatever the cat wants is ok with me. But I want him to know he can hang out in the warm house as opposed to the less warm utility room if he wants to.

I wrote most of this post on Sunday, while snow was falling. It's now 7:30 am and I'm waiting for light to take Callie out. I'll take the camera out, too, and maybe I'll get some snowy photos for tomorrow.


  1. We had lovely snow yesterday, but it's almost all gone now. And no power cut.

  2. I think I recognise this gateway...if you can see a walnut tree and a swimming pool in the grounds...It was divided into 2 gites and let for holidays. If it is the place I think it is I was there about 1995 at the start of my long affair with La Belle France!


  3. I'm looking forward to more snow photos :)

    I love the gates :)


  4. The next time that you take a walk, carry a step-stool. Just in case you need to look over high fences and gates.
    Your Friend, m.

  5. Did you build a snowman? How about a snow fort?

  6. Walt, next time you pass this gate just use the camera to take a look over the fence.

  7. The color of the gate is one of the most popular colors right now in bedding, towels, art work, tablewear.

  8. susan, it's Tuesday and our snow is still on the ground. Now that it's cold, I expect it will hang on for a while.

    blaithnaid, serious? In Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher? I don't think there's enough room for a pool in there. It's in the middle of town.

    judy, you'll get your wish today!

    mark, yes, I will carry a step stool. hahahahaha.

    cubby, I made photos.

    peter, good idea. Unless I get caught.

    alewis, hmmmmm, sounds very Martha Stewart to me...

    michael, that would be rude! ;)


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