Monday, November 08, 2010

Corbels at Chenonceau

In this image you can see three distinct corbelled elements on the Chenonceau castle. Corbels project from a wall to support architectural features like turrets and balconies or just a larger floor area on levels above a building's footprint.

Three good examples of corbels used in the castle's construction.

Corbels can also project into a building to form stone roofs. They can be as simple brackets or highly elaborate and carved. I thought these three distinctly different corbel styles on the same wall made for an interesting photo.


  1. I agree that the different corbel styles are interesting- I never noticed the styling before.

    It's almost freezing here, but not quite. The leaves are a paler shade of green with some yellows and reds.

  2. Hi Evelyn:
    Completely off topic. Sorry

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    Word verification is combloy. Have never heard of chateau de Combloy. Have you?

  3. evelyn, we've warmed up a bit, but I'm sure it won't last.

    chm, nope. The c. de Combloy must be in the Dordogne... lol


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