Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Échafaudages au Château de Chenonceau

It is inevitable. With so many beautiful old (centuries old) buildings in every corner of France, renovations and maintenance are a fact of life. And renovations and maintenance are ongoing tasks; they do not end. Sometimes you don't notice. Sometimes you do.

Phase 3 renovations under way. Click to enchenonceate.

I'm not sure exactly when the échafaudages (scaffolding) went up here at Chenonceau. I think it was about two years ago. From what I've read, the current work is Phase Three of a three part renovation of the castle's exterior stonework and lighting. Also, the old souvenir shop was moved out of the Tour des Marques (on the left in this photo) to a newer, larger location. The entrance and ticket booths have also been expanded to handle the busloads of visitors that arrive year round.

Visiting the castle should be an even more amazing experience once all the work is complete.


  1. Did you know that the Sydney harbour bridge is a continuing restoration. Once they finish painting, they return to the beginning and start all over again.
    Our famous (or is that infamous) Aussie Crocodile Dundee, Paul Hogan (put another shrimp on the barbie) started his career as a harbour bridge painter. OK, it's not as old as Chenonceau which goes to prove that they don't build them as good as they used to.

  2. Is that built across a river, or is that a reflecting pool?

  3. There you go again, Walt! Creating new words. I had a feeling when I couldn't find "enonchenante" (I can't remember how you spelled it!) in my small Larousse dictionary so thinking perhaps a larger one would have the definition I googled it to see a link to your current blog!!! You almost had me there!

    I loved the photos too. River scenes are so peaceful when there's a reflection or a ripple in the water. Your gorgeous photos are starting to give me a craving to carry my own camera with me at all times so I can attempt to recreate some of the beauty around Eugene.

  4. échafaudages or not, that is a beautiful photo. Chenonceau is one of my favorite chateaus in all of France.

  5. leon, yes, I had heard that. It's the same with the Golden Gate in SF, and probably many other grand structures around the world.

    cubby, yes, it's built across the river Cher.

    mary, I'm having fun making up words. I'll probably stop when the newness wears off. ;)

    andi, thanks. Mine, too!


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