Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One more from Chenonceau

I haven't taken any photos for over a week, so you get another view of the Château de Chenonceau from the first of November. Again, we walked along the left bank of the river on a public trail that goes right past the castle.

Notice the renaissance style windows and chimneys projecting from the roof of the logis.

This is a view of the upriver, or east, facade of the gallery (over the water) and the logis which comprises the bulk of the building. I removed the color hoping for a more detailed image of the stone.


  1. Good idea, removing the color. This is a beautiful shot!


  2. It would be interesting to live there. Is there much river traffic?

  3. We must take that secret walk of yours some time.

  4. That's a beautiful picture, very dramatic. Is the river there tidal? It almost looks like tide marks on the stone just above water level.

  5. judy, thanks.

    starman, not much. Usually just a few kayaks in the water.

    jean, yes! Only, it's no secret...

    emm, no tidal action, but the river does rise and fall with the weather in the Massif Central (where it's source is).


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