Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Faverolles is another of the small towns down the road from ours on the left bank of the Cher River. The town is of similar size to ours with a population of about 1,100 people. Like St.-Julien-de-Chédon, Faverolles is up on the river bank close to the vineyards (our town center is down in the valley close to the river).

Faverolles' town center has this little sign and wine press in a park near the town hall.

The center of town is pretty much just an intersection. But there is a town hall, a church and cemetery, a little park, and some older and some newer houses. There's not a lot of action in town and there are no stores or bakeries. All that happens elsewhere.

A glimpse into Faverolles' cemetery. Fresh mums abound.

We parked the car and walked around a bit. Ken and our friends wandered among the graves inside the cemetery while I strolled around the church and the main intersection of town. There were a few cars in and out of town, mostly stopping at the cemetery, and I saw two people on foot.


  1. Did you have Callie with you, or did she stay home?

    Nice looking mums :)


  2. I love the serenity of old cemeteries.

  3. hello Walt! Thank you for the inspiration - you changed my dinner the other nite:

    I have some chickens called Faverolles the are brightly colored and very interesting.

    keep up the great work!

  4. I love the subtle colors of your first photo.

  5. I like your "Newsiness" comment.
    You forgot about the price of insurance going way, way down.

  6. Another busy day in Faverolles-sur-Cher.

  7. judy, no, Callie stayed home this time.

    cubby, then you don't want to go on Nov. 1, because they're full of people!

    ofg, glad to be of service!

    kristi, thanks!

    nadege, oh, yeah, that too. ;)

    starman, kinda makes 'ya dizzy, don't it? ;)

  8. Can you help we rented a little cottage in Faverolles at the end of the lake you dont happen to know the owner.
    As we would like to go back there.llyers

  9. rusty, sorry, no, I don't.


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