Friday, November 26, 2010

The day after

Thanksgiving day was a success! We were six at the table. Our steamed Moroccan lamb was delicious. I took some photos, but they're not very interesting (or technically worthy), so I will spare you. Instead, another photo from Saint-Aignan.

Another cobbled street in Saint-Aignan.

Today we are taking Bertie to the vet to update his shots and to get some de-worming meds. His recent illness might be related to worms, or so the vet said. We're hopeful that it will be that simple. He came up to see the Thanksgiving guests for a few minutes yesterday. But with two dogs in the house, his cameo was brief.

Then last night, while Callie was resting in the den, I took Bertie up to the loft space and he sat on my legs while we watched tv for about an hour. I could tell he was enjoying being in the house and hanging out with us. Once Callie came upstairs we had to take Bert back down to his room. But I think we're making some progress.


  1. Awwww.. Glad you had a great time! One day, Alex and I will have to come down there to celebrate with you guys and I'll prepare a bunch of my traditional dishes...
    : )

    Hope Bertie is okay and clad he got some quality time without you... Here's to progress!!!

    Stay warm- Stay INSIDE!!! ; )
    Happy weekend to you guys!

  2. I like this street better.
    Your Friend, m.

  3. I'm curious to know what the vet had to say about Bertie's so-called 'aggressive' behaviour towards your neighbour!

  4. I hope Bertie will feel better soon. He probably won't enjoy his visit to the vet though.

  5. We were four for Thanksgiving: the two of us and a beloved nephew of Fritz's with his current lady. We did a big roasting chicken with sage cornbread stuffing, a salad of greens from the garden (kale, bok choi, French sorrel, daikon radish), winter squash and I did a pumpkin pie with some Chinese ginger that was delightfully lively. We opened a bottle of Champagne and had a very nice time.

    I have to do your leek and bacon pizza -- soon. I'm glad for you living where you do but I can't tell you how I wish you were a couple of towns away so we could garden and cook together.

  6. Oh, it's nice that Bertie got some time inside with you :))

    Let us know what the vet says, please.


  7. Walt
    Good to read that Thanksgiving meal was a success. As far as black Friday saw on the news that some people were already in line since yesterday- I guess they didn't celebrate
    Weatherwise:For you it is a white blanket whereas I woke up to a black ice driveway, entrance and street. The newspaper boy didn't show up and I applaud him- safety first !!!

  8. leesa, you too!

    mark, more traditional, eh?

    martine, he said it's the neighbor's problem, lol!

    evelyn, he did real well at the vet's!

    will, sounds wonderful! Let me know what you think of the pizza if you do it.

    judy, will do. It was all very positive.

    beaver, I wouldn't leave the house on the Friday after Thanksgiving unless forced to by gunpoint. ;)


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