Sunday, November 14, 2010

I made a leek upside down pie

I've done this before. It's a tarte tatin de poireaux. It's kind of a sweet and spicy dish, made with caramel and curry. Very tasty. But this time it didn't look nice. So there are no photos of the finished dish. Just the ingredients.

Sliced leeks, ready to be made into a sweet and spicy pie.

The pie tasted fine, but it looked rather messy. The first time I made it, a little more than a year ago, it turned out great. You can see that here. But not this time. I think the problem is in the measurements. The recipe has the wrong measurements, and for some reason I knew that the first time. The second time I forgot, so I used too much cream and it came out strange.

Oh well. You win some. You lose some.


  1. The pics at your earlier post about this subject looked fingerlicking good!

    Hope you corrected the recipe for next time.

  2. It was very tasty, nontheless. Just not up to your standards.

  3. Walt - your comment "just the ingredients" made me smile because recently my 22 year old son opened the fridge to exclaim to his mother, "there's nothing to eat here, just ingredients!!!"

  4. Tis the life of a chef - you win some you lose some.

    Honestly, I don't know if this one would be for me. Curry and caramel and leeks? Sounds like an odd combination. Then again experimentation often brings some wonderful things.

  5. The important thing is that it tasted great, not the other way around. Sorry about your soggy weather!

  6. I was just recently watching a clip of Julia Child making an apple Tarte Tatin. When she turned it over onto the plate, it was a big mess-- apples were going everywhere, and she kept talking while she tried shoving everything back to the center. She decided that it was the fault of the kind of apples used. Then, she sprinkled a bunch of powdered sugar on top and called it a success :)) I love Julia.


  7. It was stunningly beautiful last time you made it - I remember the post without even having to look it up!!

    Most of what we cook chez nous doesn't look beautiful but so long as it tastes good and is nutritious, who cares.

  8. Interesting. I've never heard of a leek pie.

  9. peter, it was good, and yes, all corrected now.

    leon, hehehe.

    rick, it is an odd combination, but it works if you like sweet and spicy.

    nadege, n'est-ce pas?

    judy, me too!

    jean, I tend to agree, but it's so nice when it tastes good AND looks fabulous.

    secrets, :)

    starman, me neither, until this.


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