Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gloomy days

The past few days have been gloomy. Dark, cloudy, rainy. And windy. I can deal with dark, cloudy, and rainy for a while before it starts to get to me. But the incessant wind, days on end, that really does it. I just want it to stop.

The view of our hamlet this morning from out in the vineyards.

I am hopeful that the forecasters have it right when they say we only have to endure the wind for two more days and that by Monday morning we should have the calm back. Two large low pressure systems have been taking their time crossing western Europe and France in particular. They're churning up warm moist air from the Mediterranean and mixing it with cool moist air from the Atlantic. Or something like that. It isn't pretty.

A longer view from farther out.

This weather keeps us inside, except for our walks with Callie twice a day. But the walks aren't all that pleasant if (a) it's raining, (b) the wind is fighting you every step of the way, and (c) the ground beneath your feet is squishy mud.

One of our cold frames got picked up by the wind and moved a few meters. Nothing broke, so it's ok. The wind isn't fierce like it was during last February's big storm. Still. I don't know if I could live in the south of France where the mistral blows for days on end. All. Year. Long.


  1. Lovely images of your home and vineyards. We like France and have visited often by ship. In the US Midwest we are having Indian Summer, but that surely won't last long.

  2. I've always assumed the path you walk, shown in the photo, was your driveway, but today I thought maybe it was the vineyard owner's lane. Which is it?

  3. Makes one appreciate the sunny days all the more. I learned that incessant sun is also boring from living in SoCal for 35 years. The weathermen do nothing there 330 days of the year.

  4. Despite the gloom that I guess it represents, the first photo is gorgeous:)


  5. I was just bemoaning the passing of summer in one of my recent entries too. Fortunately today is sunny and in the upper 50s, but its a far cry from my ideal temps in the mid 80s :-(

  6. Oh gloomy days... I can't believe that on such a gloomy day, you still managed to take such lovely pics.. I'd rather have rainy than gloomy-- I like rain pics, actually!

  7. Walt - we seem, to have had the same weather in the southern hemisphere - it has been a constant wet weekend. The blog is full of very photos with the only difference with yours is that our vines have leaves and grapes.
    As usual, love your pics.
    Leon and Sue

  8. lois, our mild weather is ending here as well. But we've not had anything close to an "indian summer."

    cubby, not our driveway. It's actually a public road, the extension of our road after the pavement ends behind our house.

    tornwordo, I know what you mean. I lived in SF, and we had incessant fog. ;)

    judy, thanks!

    bosguy, yes, I saw that post. ;)

    leesa, I don't take the camera out much in the rain. I don't think mine is waterproof...

    leon & sue, very nice! I expect, however, that your rain is warmer right now than ours...


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