Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Cher at Chenonceau

If you read Ken's blog, you know that we walked along the river at the Château de Chenonceau on Monday with our house guests. There were a few other people, but most of the time it was just us. The river was calmly sliding by as the trees dropped leaves into the water.

Looking down river. Click to enfoliate.

This is a walk we discovered the first year we lived here. There's no charge to walk along the trail and the views of the castle are spectacular. Of course, you don't get to go inside, nor do you get to see the gardens on the right bank (the trail is on the left bank). But that doesn't matter if you've done all that before.

Golden leaves on the right bank reflected in the water.

In summer the woods are green and there are many wild flowers around. There are often kayakers paddling up and down the river under the castle. This time of year the woods are golden and the light is very different. And we didn't see a single kayak on the water.

A flotilla of autumn leaves.

I suspect that in winter, the views are also interesting. One day, should we have a clear, sunny, dry day this winter, I should make it a point to go over there with the camera and check it out. I bet it would also be pretty in snow, but driving over there in snow and trudging along a slippery river bank trail may not be the greatest idea.

And just one more.


  1. Walt, when you look at your pics, do they amaze you as much as they do us. Just splendid.

  2. On the second and fourth photos, I'm sure Monet would be proud of you. All four are really stunning! That could be expected.

  3. We live near a river too but I would suggest that yours is more peaceful. Most of our activities are on or around the water. And as you have shown, it does make for beautiful images.
    Your Friend, m.

  4. Wow! I agree with chm's reference
    to Monet, and the first photo
    brought to mind the English
    landscape artists like Turner
    and Constable. Works of art, all
    of them.

  5. Aecond photo is a prizewinner Walt... with number 4 a close second!
    I could live with either of these hanging on the wall!

  6. These photos take my breath away.
    Merci beaucoup!

  7. That was such a nice walk. It was fun to see the French families out for a Sunday stroll. Chrissoup and Tony

  8. I agree with chm! Thanks for the visual splendor.

    I've not been able to check in here for awhile due to company so today I've been busy ennebulating, massifying and enfoliating. ;)


  9. leon, I tend to see all the faults. But once in a while...

    chm, thanks!

    mark, there's no boat traffic to speak of (except for a few kayaks) on this river. It is quite peaceful.

    sheila, tim, judy, :)

    c&t, we enjoyed it, too. It was good to be able to take advantage of the weather.

    bettyann, hehehehe!


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