Thursday, November 04, 2010

L'église à Faverolles

Just another small town church, this one in Faverolles-sur-Cher. It, too, was locked so we didn't get to see inside, but the outside was interesting enough. These small churches are built on simple plans and seem to have been added to, patched, and renovated over time.

The gothic style back end of the church at Faverolles. Click to massify.

Often the chairs or pews inside these churches have nameplates on them, dedicated (and likely paid for) by local families that date back generations. The churches are used for weddings and funerals, and depending on if there is a church official in town, the celebration of mass.

Some details of the building's exterior. What seems to be an addition is roofed in clay tiles.

Of course, all the big Catholic holidays are covered, like Easter, Christmas, and a few others. But often these small churches don't have someone to do a weekly mass. I understand that some church officials rotate from town to town during the year so that there is a regular if not frequent service in the small towns for the older people who can't get around easily.

The church's main roof and steeple are covered in ardoise (slate).

These churches are also used occasionally for concerts and other cultural events. I've been to a couple of classical music concerts in a very small church up on the Loire River in past years.


  1. Imagine the physical dexterity
    ...and took to
    build that roof originally.

    Something tells me that the
    Senator Paul who did win may
    turn out to be just as news
    worthy as Ru would have been.
    He seems determined to take
    DC by storm.

  2. I love church architecture, so grand, so beautiful.

  3. How about hyperdimensionize?

  4. Unfortunately, there is something wrong with your hearing. Ru Paul would certainly be a better senator than the other Paul, that teabagger who was elected. A sad day for Kentucky and for the rest of the US.

  5. how Catholic really is France? I get the impression not many French are devote.

  6. sheila, like all the others, he will be assimilated.

    rick, :)

    bill, good one!

    starman, I wish I knew how old it is.

    chm, I agree.

    michael, not very. France is a secular state, but the majority of its citizens are catholic. Mostly because that's what their ancestors were.


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