Tuesday, November 02, 2010


This is a tiny town just down the road from us, one that we pass by all the time. In seven and a half years, however, we've never pulled off the by-pass to look at the actual town. Until yesterday. Having guests at the house is a great excuse to do some exploring!

The church's steeple (not seen here) is topped with a wrought iron cross and this rooster.

The town is tiny; just a small collection of houses among vineyards on the heights above the river. There is no commerce. If there ever was, it's now all moved closer to the main road or across the river to Montrichard. But there is this tiny church. It wasn't open on Monday, so we didn't get to see inside.

The main facade of the church above the entry porch.

The entry porch of the church is under a three-arched arcade that is either relatively new or recently renovated. The bright newness of the stone clashed a bit with the older and different stones of the main building. I didn't like the way my photos of that came out, so you don't get to see them here.


  1. You live in such a beautiful area!

  2. If not here, where? I tried to Google St. J-d-C church and couldn't find it. C'mon, let us see it.
    Your Friend, m.

  3. I like the first pic. Really nice contrast. In my first impression it's like a flag.

  4. rick, we like it!

    mark, I'll think about it... ;)

    vtt, I think it might be a weather vane.

  5. Churches and music are the only valid reasons for religion. What a shame.


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