Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving snow

It's unusual to have snow this early where we live. We didn't have a lot, but it stuck overnight and we woke up on Friday to these pretty sights.

The view from our kitchen window, looking easterly.

The temperatures have fallen to freezing, obviously. But they're not climbing much. We're just hovering at zero for the next few days. There are no more predictions for snow for the moment.

The view from the guest room window, looking westerly.

Most of our snow, when we get it, comes in January or February. I think the biggest single accumulation we've seen in the seven and a half years we've lived here was about five or six inches. And that was exceptional. We'll see how the rest of the year goes.

Bertie's vet visit on Friday was good. He was a very good cat and just sat on the vet's table and let himself be caressed (the vet is very gentle with animals) and then didn't even flinch when he got his vaccination. We got a confirmation of the worm diagnosis, so we're administering de-worming pills this weekend (to Callie as well, for good measure).

As far as his behavior goes, the vet said he sounded like a normal cat. No worries. If the neighbors don't like him, he said, they shouldn't pet him or otherwise encourage him. We live in the country and there are cats around, just like there are birds, badgers, and hedgehogs. Once they work out their territorial issues with the neighboring cats, and they usually do, there shouldn't be any more conflicts (and there are very few cat/cat problems now with Bertie).

We think this particular neighbor is just difficult. Everyone around us seems to confirm that. She's going to complain, no matter what. It's in her nature.

Ken and I both feel much better about Bertie and how he's doing.


  1. You need to use that first picture for your Christmas cards this year. Simply Beautiful.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. sorry mr B has worms but so glad to hear he is doing ok that its so cold, perhaps he will stick of my kitties parks herself in front of the electric space heater whenever we use it...whiskers within inches of the coils......hopefully Callie will be willing to allow B in the house more often

  3. Good job, Bertie!I like that vet :)

    I'm glad you got some meds for his worms.

    I love all of the house and yard photos today from you and Ken:)


  4. I love the view from your kitchen window- I think the bread lady is about to arrive;)

  5. I'm so excited to have discovered this blog!!
    So far I'm blown away by the images. Breathtaking.

  6. We got a bit of snow here and oddly, there was snow for Thanksgiving in Oly WA too.

    I have just been checking out some of my "old blogging friends." It seems like you a Walt are impervious to the blogging malaise, or slowdown, that has taken hold of so many of "us."

    Take care!

  7. Looks gorgeous. It never snows in Sydney.

  8. Good boy Bertie! What a beautiful back yard with a snow dusting.

  9. It is very picturesque, but I'd still cry to see snow in November. Go figure, a New Englander who hates the snow... now that's irony.

  10. mark, good idea!

    melinda, we're working on it!

    judy, thanks. We're glad we got confirmation that everything's ok and we're not bad parents.

    evelyn, you're right! She did.

    olga, welcome! And thanks.

    betty, nice to hear from you. We just keep plugging along...

    victor, and is that a good thing or a bad thing? ;)

    suzanne, :)

    bosguy, it is early, but it hardly gets any worse. Now where you live, that's another story!

  11. Regardless of the cold, winter is beautiful.


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