Monday, November 15, 2010

Periodic Puppy Pics

Here's Mademoiselle Chose (Miss Thing) slinking among the vines out back. Actually, she's not slinking, she's just waiting for me to catch up.

The vines have lost all of their leaves now. The pruners have started their work, but not yet in this parcel.

Callie loves running across the rows of vines. She seldom runs the length of a row, preferring to cut through between the trunks, under the tendrils and leaves and wires. The first time she did this, as a puppy, she didn't know about the wires and nearly decapitated herself. She only did that once. Now she's quite an expert at maneuvering among the vines.


  1. Funny how quickly they learn. Bandit did a similar thing when we got full glass storm doors installed. Bolted right out and slammed head first into the door...only once.

  2. Oh, Miss Callie! Always so cute :))


  3. Ah the life of a dog. Sometimes I wish I could trade places.

  4. Ah, the space to run, every dog's dream.

  5. Beautifil photo BTW... But, she looks like she is surveying her domaine.

  6. Great shot! The life of a dog!

  7. rick, ain't it the truth?!

    judy, I agree! Until she does something naughty. But those things are few and far between.

    cubby, you might not like the food...

    lois, and she has a lot of space to run!

    stephen, you're probably right.

    louvregirl, :)

    michael, and a bow wow wow!


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