Sunday, November 28, 2010

Scenes from winter during fall

It seems like winter has set in. But it's still November and, officially, winter is still a good three weeks away. Well, the solstice is. I'm wondering, as we all must, what this early chill and snowfall mean. A long hard winter? Or an early spring? Only waiting will reveal that.

The field at the foot of our road on Saturday morning. Behind those trees is the Cher River.

In the meantime, we are in our winter pattern. Days inside (except for walks with the dog). Afternoon and evening fires in the wood stove (and that means cleaning out the ashes every morning, chopping up a few logs, and lugging them up the stairs from woodpile). Lunches of hearty, stick-to-your-ribs kinds of foods (yesterday was macaroni and cheese, today is blanquette de dinde).

We still hold out hope that we'll have some sunny dry weather before the end of December in which to get a little more done in the yard. There are still all those leaves on the ground to deal with.


  1. This wintry weather has come as a nasty shock here, too, even though we often get some in Derbyshire at this time of year.

    Re: Bertie in the kitchen "inspecting food". It would be well worth inspecting it yourselves for toothmarks - cats cannot be trusted in the kitchen in my experience, especially if they are mainly outdoor cats who opportunistically "inspect" any food that happens to be in front of them, whether it's a dead mouse or your dinner !!

  2. I loved your FB snow photo today. Oooh!


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  4. Looks like a hairbrush. Is that dandruff?

  5. jean, don't worry. He didn't actually get into anything serious. It just goes to show I'm not used to having a cat around.

    judy, stay tuned, you may see more!

    sheila, I've seen some of that.

    starman, hehehe.


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