Thursday, November 08, 2018

A couple more

Just a couple of random views of the old port at La Rochelle. We made our way back along the edge of the port looking for a place to eat lunch. We had scoped out a place earlier and it turned out to be where we ended up.

Part of the old port seen from the base of the Tour de la chaine.

We were a little early which gave us a chance to choose our table so that we'd be out of the way with the dog. Once installed, we each had a glass of pineau des Charentes. It's a fortified wine, like sherry or vermouth, that originated in that region, made by adding cognac (brandy) to grape juice and allowing it to mature. It's relatively sweet and is served chilled.

The marina and sailboats, looking east.

For lunch, we each ordered a pizza reine, my favorite pizza, with ham, mushrooms, and cheese. They were a little bigger than a typical French one-person pizza, but we both finished with no leftovers. Tasha got a little crust that just happened to "fall" to the ground.


  1. Pinot de Charente sounds delicious.

  2. This is all so scenic. I love the way your photos contrast the light blues against the pale browns.

  3. What a lovely place, and pizza too!

  4. mitch, it is tasty. There are all kinds of apéro drinks out there. We brought back a bottle of something called Troussepinette, made in the Vendée where we were. Very sweet, but good.

    judy, thanks!

    evelyn, I always say yes to pizza!

  5. the pix reminds me of annapolis MD. good for tasha; she deserves a treat!


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