Friday, November 30, 2018


What is it about doors that makes them such a common subject for photographers? I've seen posters made up of door photos, I see doors all over the internet photo sites. I'm no exception. I take pictures of them, too.

Somebody had to choose these colors. I'm not sure they work together. The wrought iron rail at the top looks to be the same lavender color as the door on the right.

In France, door and window shutters offer an opportunity for bright colors that break the monotony of a streetscape made mostly of stone. I found these two examples fairly close to one another in the city of Niort, near the west coast of France.

A close look reveals that the top corners of this door are cut at an angle to make it fit within the arch of the stone frame.

The first one is a little over the top, the second one more elegantly understated, in my humble opinion.


  1. I certainly agree with you, though I had a second of expecting that lion doorknocker to turn into the face of Marley.

  2. First one: paint store had a sale on mis-tints.

  3. Painting that garage door would not be easy.

  4. The second door is more elegant, but the first one has a garage! Although I can't imagine trying to get a car in there.
    Relative to your name comments yesterday, there's an entertaining book called "Names on the Land" (written in the 1930s as part of the WPA and still in print) with lots of history about American place names -- some of which are by today's standards very politically incorrect.

  5. judy, :)

    thickethouse, ha! 'Tis the season!

    chris, my thoughts, exactly.

    bettyann, no kidding. Lots of stuff to remove.

    emm, interesting! Where I come from, half of the names are Dutch, half are English, half are French, and the other half are Native American. ;)

  6. In my humble opinion, your humble opinion is dead on.

  7. the second door - I am expecting the door knocker to turn into Jacob Marley's head!


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