Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tasha Tuesday

Dog day at the beach! This is the second third beach we took Tasha to on Noirmoutier. It's on the ocean side of the island, so there is more sand, and dunes. She had a good time running around and smelling things. When she got thirsty, she went to the water's edge for a drink. Oops! The look on her face when she tasted sea water was priceless. She only did that once. Luckily, I had some fresh water in the car so she could get the taste out of her mouth.

Tasha poses for her portrait on the beach at l'Epine, Noirmoutier.

I took a short video of her running around. I don't have a lot of experience with video, so it is what it is.


  1. 10 seconds of her obvious enjoyment. Sand is so different from the usual daily walk.

  2. It's hard to imagine an actual "look" on her face, though -- ha! Poor thing!

  3. She is a magnificent dog. You two chose well.

  4. Didn't she have fun! Did you show her the video?

  5. potty, I think she really liked the sand.

    mitch, yuppy!

    judy, dogs are very expressive! I can she when she smiles, when she's on "guard patrol," when she's sleepy, hungry, etc.

    kiwi, we think so, too. :)

    silly girl, nah, Tasha, like many stars, prefers not to watch her own work.

  6. nice to hear tasha speak, and to hear the ocean waves! a pretty girl was having fun!

  7. At our local park, where the pétanque club plays, I often enjoyed the running-around of another sheltie! They keep him on a leash that can be extended and their dog runs in a circle around the owners! Have fun, Tasha!

    Mary in Oregon

  8. I love watching Tasha run around. She is a good traveller.

  9. anne marie, I think she really enjoyed it. Too bad we're not close enough to do it more often.

    mary, they do run in circles. I guess that's part of what makes them sheepdogs!

    evelyn, except that she likes to bark at oncoming traffic. We're working on that...


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