Sunday, November 25, 2018

Place du Donjon

Tasha and I walked around the mostly empty Place du Donjon outside of Niort's central market hall while Ken went inside to have a look. It was relatively early on Friday morning. The bigger market days are Thursday and Saturday when the place is filled with itinerant vendors' stands and shoppers. We enjoyed being in the calm and open space this day.

The place was quiet on this morning. The benches were empty.

Tasha has an extendable leash that I can clip to a special belt around my waist. It leaves my hands free to take photos while giving Tasha some liberty of movement. At any time I can reel her in and lock the leash if I need to keep her close. It takes a little getting used to, but it's ok. I do many pirouettes to keep her from wrapping the leash around my legs.

Looking toward the donjon. Not a soul in sight.

Today is rainy, so walks will be short. There's food to be made (using the last of the leftover lamb) and tennis to be watched on tv.


  1. "I do many pirouettes to keep her from wrapping the leash around my legs." - and I bet you are as graceful as a ballerina too! your pumpkin brioche looks dee-lish!

  2. That open space has a calmness that is pleasing, although I imagine that the market with all the vendors is pleasing, too.

  3. anne marie, "graceful" has never been a word used to describe me. ;)

    emm, Tasha was in a bustling market in La Rochelle, and she was good but very excited. This calm place was a nice contrast.

  4. Wish there was video of your pirhouettes.


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