Sunday, November 18, 2018

Dying to get in

This is the entrance to a cemetery in the small town across the Vendée river from the house we rented. We took a short walk around the neighborhood and it was very quiet, except for a few people doing landscape maintenance in the cemetery.

It's interesting how the cross is made from the gate's middle picket.

We arrived at the gîte (rental house) on a Saturday, went to La Rochelle the following Monday, and to the island of Noirmoutier on the Wednesday after that. Tuesday and Thursday we spent closer to home. On Friday, we drove over to the city of Niort for a walk around before coming back home to Saint-Aignan on Saturday, three weeks ago now. I'll start posting my photos of Niort tomorrow.


  1. Mathusalem est mort il y a plus de mille ans. Moralité: quand on est mort, c'est pour longtemps!

  2. you can check in any time you like, but you can never leave (the cemetery)

  3. What a gorgeous wall! I knew exactly where we were going when I saw your title.

  4. I like that entry, and that is an interesting cross.

  5. chm, lol!

    anne marie, such a lovely place.

    mitch, I'm not particularly subtle.

    judy, simple is sometimes better.


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