Thursday, November 22, 2018

Garage door

So, after fifteen years, we decided to replace the old garage door. It was a manual folding door. And lately it has been more and more difficult to open and close. It was time. The new door is an automatic overhead door. Easily operated with the push of a button. Just like we always had back in the USA.

The new garage door. It's automatic and opens with a push of a button. It looks nice, and cleaner.

I was worried, at first, that getting a white door would not be in keeping with how the house looked. But now I'm convinced that the white door works even better. Our house is not, after all, an old historical kind of place. It's modern, and modern improvements are not out of place.

The old door had four panels that had to be opened manually, and lately they've been sticking. Now they're gone.

We also have new shutters on the back (western) side of the house. I'll post about them soon. They're white as well, and they're solar powered. That means that we can push a button inside to close and open them without having to open the windows. Oh, such modernity!


  1. Now that's an improvement; looks very good!

  2. The bliss of not having to open the garage doors, get back into the car, drive out, close the garage doors, and do it again when you get home. Do you have an automatic gate? That would be our next project.

  3. Oh, the old doors look like very hard work. Funny, you have stepped back to what you had twenty plus years ago in the US. But today's electric doors are much superior.

  4. The old door had its charms, but oh the ease of the new door! Very nice.

  5. Could it be manually operated in case of a power failure and an emergency or is it also solar powered?

  6. Beautiful! Some modernity is a good thing.

  7. Really! Wow, such modernity, is right!

  8. jan, we like it so far!

    potty, no, our gate is still manual and probably will be for a while. Other projects are higher on the list!

    andrew, the old doors were just too old, not hanging properly, and the locking mechanisms didn't line up right any more. We're happy they're gone.

    mitch, yes!

    chm, it's not solar powered, but it can operate manually without power.

    evelyn, agreed!

    judy, what'll they come up with next? ;)

  9. Take care with the controls!

  10. nice! you two are modernizing the house!


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