Saturday, November 24, 2018

Back to Niort

Thanksgiving weekend is in full swing. Ken and I had our traditional roasted leg of lamb with flageolets (beans) and glazed carrots. It was delicious, as usual. On Friday we ate leftover cold lamb and steamed potatoes with une sauce mayonnaise on the side. On Sunday we'll likely make un hachis (like a shepherd's pie) with the remaining lamb.

Some colorful tables and chairs outside the central market hall in Niort.

Today, however, we'll take a break from the lamb and make croque-monsieur for lunch, those toasted ham and cheese sandwiches that you can find in most Paris cafés and brasseries. In other news, the weather is a little less cold, but wetter. We've had some serious foggy days, typical for November, and off-and-on rain. Sunday is expected to be very wet. We're heading toward winter.


  1. I love this photo... although I could say that of every one of your photos. We’ve got sunshine, but I have a feeling dreary will be back in the coming days.

  2. The metal chairs seem to go with the iron work behind them. Black Friday is over and now we move to cyber Monday lol.

  3. mitch, it's a dreary day today (sunday) here. Steady rain.

    anne marie, the table is set!

    evelyn, they're having black friday sales in France now. Ugh!

    1. I can't believe France has black Friday- that's really sad!


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