Friday, November 23, 2018

New shutters

Here are the new shutters on the back, or western, side of the house. The old shutters were not working well any more. They were made of folding metal panels (finger pinchers!), and were starting to fall apart. They were a pain to close and open because we had to open the windows to do it. That let in a lot of cold air in winter, and the sliding windows made the whole operation awkward.

The new shutters are closed. The black strips on the top of each are the solar panels that generate the power to operate them.

Now we have these new shutters that roll down. No more having to open the window to close or open them. Each room has a remote control and all we have to do is to push a button to make the shutters work. And they're white, so they look much more integrated with the white window frames.

The old shutters, seen here in 2007, had a certain charm, but they were becoming a pain to open and close because of their age.
Also, they would no longer work in the "awning" position as seen above.

We're having one little problem with the middle shutter in the bathroom. It won't open all the way and just stops halfway. We called the installers and one of the guys came by on Thursday (Thanksgiving!) afternoon to have a look. He couldn't get it to work, so he said he'll try to find out how to fix it, and if he can't, replace it. He has incentive because we haven't paid them yet.


  1. Yeah, old style charm isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The now shutters look great. So do the house and gardens.

  2. The only advantage the old shutters had over the new ones is that they provided shade, not total darkness, when you slanted them outward.
    You're right, the white shutters and garage door make the house look younger. Your neighbor, the mayor, hasn't complained that you didn't get the permit to change the appearance of the house?

  3. Once again, Walt: nice improvement!

  4. Looking good! Interesting to see how your house has evolved over the years with the addition of the skylights, the wisteria vine, the greenhouse and now the new shutters. Anyone would think you plan on staying there for a while. ;)

  5. Remote controls are everywhere now. We have a patio heater with remote control now.

  6. That remote control feature sounds fantastic! I wonder when the shutter idea will eventually come to the U.S.? Such a smart idea to stop the wind and cold. Back in the late sixties I had to learn how to manipulate them in Germany! And - then on various European vacations when we stayed in gites! Even the retailers have those big shutters for security. It is almost like Europe and the U.S. don't share ideas!!!

    Mary in Oregon

  7. mitch, reminds me of a book: The Good Old Days, They Were Terrible!

    ellen, I don't think we need it. We changed all the windows years ago and no issues. We did need to ask permission for the attic Velux windows, though.

    jan, thanks!

    bettyann, hehe... fifteen and counting!

    evelyn, and I'll bet more and more things are being controlled by smart phone.

    michael, :)

    anne marie, they're so clean and new!

    mary, I always wonder that, especially in hurricane season when I see people on tv nailing plywood to their houses. They could just roll down the shutters, if they had them.


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