Saturday, November 17, 2018

Bye-bye beach

This is that beach in the video with Tasha that I posted the other day. After our little walk, we got back into the car and headed back to the mainland. We planned our return so that we would go south a little down the coast before turning back east and inland to our rental house. This took us through several rather large beach resort towns, including Saint-Jean-de-Monts, Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, and Les Sables-d'Olonne.

A sailboat moored off the Saint-Jean beach on Noirmoutier island.

We really just passed through each one, stopping once for Ken to take a few photos. We were both impressed with the size of these places. Big wide beaches (and some surfers!) lined with wide promenades, boulevards, and mid-rise hotels and condominiums. And, since it was a week of school vacation and the weather was pretty good, they were crowded with people walking, shopping, and sitting in sidewalk cafés along the beach.

Some variety of yucca plant (I'm guessing) in bloom on the sand dune above the beach.

We also got caught up in some traffic, exacerbated by road construction here and there. But none of that lasted too long, and before we knew it we were closing in on our temporary home away from home after a long and successful day trip.


  1. You guessed right about the yucca plants.

  2. I love the vegetation photo. That might be yucca filamentosa.... or something like that... I’m in a café and too lazy to look it up in my iPad!

  3. I used to love looking at Yucca plants in bloom. Then, my husband transplanted one into our front garden.... I didn't realize that they suck the life out of every plant and bush around them. Now, the hydrangea plant next to it is struggling, and probably won't even grow next year, and I am very sad about that (it was a gift from my mom).

  4. How strange to me to see yucca plants here. Around these parts they are everywhere.

  5. Such lovely pictures, Walt! They have the sort of soft golden glow that autumn sun gives. Love it!

  6. chm, thanks!

    mitch, sounds good to me.

    judy, I had no idea! Can you take it out?

    michael, they're on the beach, so lots of sand, not much water.

    elgee, it was a pretty place and the weather was so good. We were lucky!


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