Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another Morning Walk

I don't always take the camera on our morning walks, but sometimes the light is so nice that I can't resist. I usually end up with photos of the same old stuff, but since I enjoy them, what the heck.

This little flower reminds me of jasmine, but it's on a shrub and not a vine, and it doesn't have the jasmine scent I remember from California. I wonder what it is. It's growing on a bush out next to the vineyard.

These daisies come up every year in our yard. Sometimes they look great, other times they look kind of sad. The wind can really knock them around.

Queen Anne's lace grows in all the fields around here. In French it's called carotte sauvage (wild carrot).

I have no idea what this flower is, but they're appearing now up along the vineyard road, near some oak trees.

Here is the sunrise we had on Monday morning. The Cher river valley is just beyond the trees. The pointy pine on the left side of the picture marks the location of our house.


  1. I too like taking the same pictures again and again, so I understand. And I agree with you, some things just look so great that I don't see why we shouldn't do it. Like this morning sky of yours. What a stunning photo!

  2. That is a fantastic sunrise picture.

    The flower in the first picture is some kind of ornamental orange. Pinch off a leaf and smell it. Amazing.

  3. I love seeing the rays in your sunrise photo. I think you're lucky to live in a place where you are able to see both sunrise and sunset from your home. I'm buried in the woods here, not that I don't like trees.

  4. Great photos! Especially the sunrise.

  5. I was lucky with that sunrise. Right place, right time, and all that.


  6. beautiful, thank you.

  7. Thanks, purejuice. Glad you stopped by. I used to live in Washington myself.


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